Tips to Design Your Own Home Office

To begin, you will want to have a cozy chair that is gentle on your back. If you find yourself spending endless hours in your home office a comfortable chair is a must. The most comfortable office chairs have a lumbar for your lower back that will offer good support. The chair should spin around to help ease the retrieval of papers and access to filing cabinets and printers.

Your office will need to have adequate lighting so you can focus on your work without the worry of getting a headache or being distracted by the lack of light. The lighting that works best for an office will consist of a desk lamp and either track or recessed lighting to supply additional light.

If your office is also being used as a guest room, concealing your computer and other gadgets with a computer armoire would be a good idea. An armoire would also offer some extra space for storage, and will maximize the floor area of the room so you can set up a daybed, or even a murphy bed, and a bedside table.

If you are able to use all of your room’s space as a fully functional home office, you will want to use a desk that is an L or square U so all of your files and work items can be stored in a place that is easy for you to access.

Make sure to add enough wall shelving to organize your folders and books easily.

Shelves can also be somewhere you would like to add a few of your favorite decorative items like memorabilia and collectors pieces.

Finally, you will want to have your papers organized and within easy reach. Try mobile filing cabinets or storage cubes to organize all your files which will help save time looking for them later.