Painting Techniques that Add Character to Your Décor

Painting the walls in your home can be a lot of fun. There are many different techniques you can employ to make your walls stand out other than the common gloss paint that is usually applied.

The walls are usually the first thing, aside from the focal point, that will set the atmosphere of a room.

There are several different styles of painting techniques that can bring life back into your walls and create the inviting environment that you desire.

Patina: Patina consists of a base coat that is usually dark, smeared with a lighter, watered down color using a cloth or a sponge. The patina affect adds a rustic look to any room and generates a sense of depth that will make the room look larger.

Stencil: Stenciling is based around a cutout of a design that is filled using different applications of paint with a paintbrush, sponge brush, or cloth. Stencils can be used on a large scale using several different cutouts to make just one design, or they can be used to incorporate letters, phrases, and illustrations to your walls. Stencils can add immediate interest in a room, but they must be done with perseverance to ensure a professional-looking result.

Faux technique: Faux painting techniques are used to mimic other objects or materials. For example, you can paint your walls a copper color, doing a patina of vibrant cobalt greens to give it a rusted, worn out look. Faux techniques, on the other hand, can be used to imitate many other materials and textures such as, wood, granite, linen, denim, and marble.

Rubber stamping: This technique has become more popular recently due to the affordability and ease of its application. There are rubber stamps designed specifically for wall and furniture decoration, featuring many different designs that can be applied to incorporate your personal touch.