How to Brighten Up a Dull Room

If you don’t have a room that is invigorating or inspires tranquility and warmth, there are many things you can do to brighten it up.

First, there are details that you can incorporate to the architecture of a room that will add complexity and character. Crown molding, for example, is a beautiful addition that will grant your room an air of luxury and sophistication.

The same applies to base boards, which can be exchanged for slightly taller ones to achieve a glamorous look. Similarly, wood moldings can be painted and used to adorn windows or doors.

If you want to add more complexity to your room, you can select from many painting techniques that will incorporate texture and depth. You can create a denim look with a special kit purchased from your local paint store, or simulate linen with a special brush boughtfor a marginal price.

You can also explore your boundaries with wallpapers, or add a special touch with the addition of a wallpaper border that adds interest and flair to a room.To dress up your walls, and add more impact to the effect of your room, you can make your own artwork by copying selected images from a book,framing them, and setting them up in an interesting arrangement that draws the eye.Or you can frame your favorite poster in an eye-catching design to give a more sophisticated look.

In order to select a layout for your artwork, create a template for each piece by cutting out a paper of its exact size. This allows you to preview the result of each arrangement without damaging your walls and leaving unwanted holes.

Once you find an artwork layout that suits you, use the templates to set up the position of your nails.

Remove the paper and hang the painting. You’ll be surprised at how much time this method saves, and how easy it is to find a balanced setup for your paintings.