Decorating Styles: Simplistic or Casual

The casual style of home décor has a simple, inviting, and cozy feeling.

The simplistic style of home decor combines textures, lines, and accessories that follow simple layouts that mimic a sense of symmetry that play outside of its common boundaries.

For casual style rooms the details and accessories are to be simple. This would include simple shapes such as rectangles or circles and items with smooth curves will also work well.

The casual style room is easy to decorate with things that you already own. You can transform accessories into decorations that can in turn also be functional. For example, you can use a stylish bottle as a base for one of your lamps, or a rustic oak door as a coffee or dining table.

If you are not looking for a casual style for your entire house, you can incorporate elements of the simplistic style into any room. By adding a simple touch of casual style into a traditional room can be as easy as adding a functional and decorative item that appears slightly rustic. These characteristics will casually invite you into the room by inspiring familiarity and comfort.  

The casual style of décor consists of specific elements of design. Large, cozy furniture, such as upholstered chairs and a comfy couch covered with an easy to clean slipcover, fit the bill.

Furniture for the casual style room appears in neutral or pastel tones, with darker hues used as accents for contrast. It will also be wide and short, making it more appealing for comfort rather than décor. Coffee and side tables are simple and large and will often have drawers for better functionality.

To add more character to the casual style room, accents such as pillows and curtains would be added by using natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, and linen. The additional use of rustic materials, such as wicker, rattan, and naturally finished woods can aid in the organic look of the fabrics.

The concept of the casual style is based around hominess and comfort. Textures are prominent in a simple canvas and furniture is low, large, and cozy. If you’re inspired by simplicity and comfort, the casual style of décor is definitely something to consider.

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