Decorating Styles: French Country

The French country style dates back to the beginning of decorative practices and has been popular worldwide for centuries. You will find this simple style is familiar, cozy and exudes warmth along with security which makes it easy to incorporate this style into your own home décor.

There are several elements that influence the French Country decorating style. Although rustic, the style is also elegant which will bring a warm, cozy feeling to your home.

The French Country style will incorporate a large variety of colors .They will encompass soft yellows and blues, bright reds, blue and greens, as well as rust.

These same colors would be coordinated with the fabrics to accentuate the already dramatic effect of the brightly chosen color scheme. For your wall paint choose a bright black or a dim shade. This will help to define your accessory pieces.  Natural vines can be used to accentuate doorways and windows.

It is preferable to use natural materials when using the French Country Décor Style. This would include natural stone, brick or clay to use on your rustic floors. Dark beams are often used to contrast the light tone of the walls

The French Country style would be ideal for anyone who loves a cozy, comfortable, and rustic look. You can accomplish this type of style easily if you follow the tips listed above. The emphasis of this style is on the use of color and texture as a way to contrast the individual elements in the room to achieve balance and harmony.

The French country style inspires thoughts of prairies, wildflowers, bright, warm sunlight, and the outdoors. If you use these design components in combination with your own personal touch, you will find this style to be familiar and comforting.